Stop writing it on a napkin, and make your friends remember your wins.

How many times have you been in a bar, sitting on the grass after class, or chatting about nothing with your friends when a bet comes up? Maybe you're about to have a chugging contest, maybe you're seeing if Mark's going to play hookie again, or maybe you're wondering when Nate is going to put that ring on Brynne's finger.

In any example, chances are you've made a bet with your friends, the outcome happened, and the loser (or losers) forgot about it.

Don't let that happen again. ThisBet is a place where you can bet about anything, with whomever you'd like, and set anything as the currency. You can wager who buys the next steak dinner, you can wager who buys the next round of drinks — anything. ThisBet will monitor the bet as it takes place, and give you a way to cash in on your friends when it's finished.

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