The anatomy of a bet.

A bet on ThisBet can be broken down into bits of content, here's what they are.

Usually a one-liner, this describes the bet in very brief detail.
A more descriptive, *ahem* description of what everyone's betting on.
The time left for you (or anyone else involved) to place their bet. Once this countdown expires, all betting is off!
What you're wagering if you choose to place a bet. When you create a bet on ThisBet, you can set anything you'd like as your currency.
Current Bets
Once you've placed your own bet, you can see how others are betting by comparison. Clicking on the particular bet will reveal the names of those who've bet it.
Banter (public)
You can rouse the crowd by adding your public banter to a bet, or, if you want to keep it private, you can send private banter to a friend.

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